Saturday, April 28, 2007

58th - I Heart

Wednesday, April 25. Metrowalk with cousins (Ate Marian, Sahrika & Tibs) and Tito Jojo. Yummy dinner in Yoohoo! And then drinks in Phibar for Ate Marian & Tibs and white chocolate caramel ice-cream for me. We tried to get Sahrika to pose for a pic with beer & cigs (she's only 11) but we failed. Darnit. I parted ways from la familia for awhile to hang out in Mugen with Alden & Gracielle when they arrived. I heart Alden, he entertains me so. I'm mean to him but that is our friendship in a nutshell. Harharhar! It was very nice to meet Gracielle & I sincerely hope there will be more Mugen-like sessions, only longer & possibly in other places. Anonymous phone calls! Rockstar in shorts! Handhug!

Thursday April 26. 6cyclemind gig in Office Grill. I watched and so did second-cousin Iya, whom I (unfortunately) don't get to see very much. She was acting as a proxy for Joko who couldn't be there to tease the hell out of Chuck. There were many things said & done and about 95% of it all made me laugh. "He cheated on me" was said 1238129312 times (yes, I counted...durrr :P) onstage & offstage. The things learned about someone and how "wild" he is - I will never look at him the same way again. I love it when Iya demanded for a couples-like shot, and yelled at Tutti to grab a chair and sit. Hahahaha! I heart 6cyclemind gigs. I heart Grandpa & Second-Cousin aka Chucky & Iya.



It has been one year since Carla, Joko & I (aka The Powerpuff Girls / Pussyket Dolls / Awesome Possum Threesome) got together and formed an amazing bond and an amazing friendship that has been tested many times but yet hasn't been broken. And I hope it never will. I remember April 29 last year and where Joko REALLY was (harharhar!) hence I met Carla...and then the 3 of us found ourselves in Agora Mall amidst really scary people. Joko and Carla, I heart you two lots and lots. Thank you for everything. Mwah. We shall celebrate our anniversary soon!

Monday, April 23, 2007

57th - Head Versus Heart

Okay, mini-rant. I HATE GLOBE. Sorry, Carla, pero's so hard to get a signal nowadays! And also...I don't like my slide phone anymore. I want a new phone. NOW. Something that doesn't go all psycho on me by mixing up my messages. Grrr. Powta.

Moving on.

Oh, I forgot to blog about Tia Maria. Carla, Ana, Joko and I went there to watch our favourite le cebuanos perform, after invading Jay & Jhunjie's house and then having yummy shawarma rice for dinner in Ababu. Ruben got me an alarm clock. Yehey! Hahahaha. Sorry....but I don't have an alarm clock (except for the alarm in my phone). And we all the highest level. We're always camwhores but, for some reason, we were worse that night. Especially Carla and Joko. Ahem ahem. As for me...I ate so much that night. I am not kidding. Hahaha. Ever since I got back from Boracay, I've been pigging out non-stop. But today I am back to dieting. Anyhoodles...after the gig in Tia Maria, I sleptover at Jay & Jhunjie's house (because I was basically homeless...long story). I slept on the sofa in the living room where Ana and Omeng (aka Chicky and Nini) also slept. The next day, Ana and I watched the guys get ready to leave for the airport for a gig in Cebu.

More pics from Tia Maria & the morning after.

Lesbian "We Love Joko" action!

Molesting me. Of course.

Awesome picture of the 4 of us.

Jay was being gross. Hence my expression.

The failure of a man to get a taxi. Hahahaha!

I met someone that day. At his house. And it was very...WEIRD. Never would I have imagined meeting her, NOT strangling her and NOT freaking out over the fact that I met her AT HIS HOUSE. If you guys know who I'm talking about, then tell me...very strange, yes?

You're so cute when you're slurring your speech
But they're closing the bar and they want us to leave

And you can't find nothing at all
If there was nothing there all along
No, you can't find nothing at all
If there was nothing there all along.

Katiekins & I were bitching about guys last night. For some reason, it's like a few certain guys in our lives are PMSing. If guys had to go through PMS, that is.

I bought the new Good Charlotte CD yesterday. I love it. I can't stop singing "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl". And I am loving Hellogoodbye SO much right now.

Erik Santos covered "Next In Line" by Afterimage. Tama ba yun? I hate him for doing that, because he's just going to ruin it. Especially with the video. Him making puppy eyes or "sultry" eyes at the camera while singing his ballad-ish, pop-ish version of the song. Powta.

Anyways...that is all. Toodles!

PS. Naloka ako sa Sunday Sessions ng 6cyclemind last night. Because of Ney and his constant hirits of "He cheated on me." Jebus. Hahahahaha! Aliw.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

56th - The Boracay Trip

I really have to write more often in this blog again. Everytime I open up Blogger and start writing an entry, I realize how much time has passed since I last wrote and how much I have to write about...and then I can't be arsed to blog anymore.

Therefore...this blog is dedicated entirely to our Bora trip!

Got there on the 10th, came back on the 15th. Boracay Island is BEAUTIFUL. Now I understand why people keep wanting to go back even though it's such a hot spot for tourists now. I didn't want to leave at all. In fact, I want to LIVE there. I'm really not much of a beach person, but somehow spending a few days on the island has given me the urge to hang out as much as I can on a beach. And go swimming. Oh how I miss swimming. I love how it felt like all our problems disappeared as soon as we got there and how we just laughed so much and so hard and bonded fabulously. And let's not forget the luuuuurrrrveeee that happened. There was plenty of love goin' around. Hahaha.

Summary of the summer getaway: Yellow team. Then there was a pink team. Waiting for Noy in Kalibo. Napping in the van ride from Kalibo to Caticlan. Camwhoring. Yummy food. Swimming. Sunbathing. Sand castles. Getting buried in sand. Noy & Omeng using my flip-flops to shovel sand. Noy's self-made dictionary (pong-pong, poloptious, asindero, goo googles, etc.). Cocomangas. Pinacoladas and frozen margaritas. The search for Champ. Mommy Ana, Daddy Omeng and Romana (that would be me!). Boracay Courtyard. Le Carmela de Boracay. No charger. Henna tattoos. Lonely Planet coffee. Joven. The search for Lizter. The debate over Cebuanos. Shooting hoops. Swedish massage. Lovers' moments. 5th wheel and waiting in the bathroom. Evening stroll on the beach. Scary headless picture that got deleted. Dancing in Cocomangas. Omeng and I getting "married" for about 5 mins to get rid of the guy who was trying to hit on me. "Can I buy you a drink?" "Is he the husband?" Noy and Omeng having to go back to Manila. Me getting sick. Happy hour at Cocomangas. Not so happy anymore because of the blasted fever. Lying on the sand. Sleeping the rest of the day away. Chucky calling & waking all of us up the next day. Massage on the beach. Catching up. Callalily and their henna tattoos. Sunbathing and swimming. The tanning lotion that smells like dessert. Seeing the Upside Down video on TV for the first time (I'm in the video!). The hilarious recording on Carla's phone with our comments. Dinner. The "Spaniard". Making Alden sleep in our room. Chuck being a bully to Alden hahaha. 1am massages. Breakfast at Jony's and their yummy milkshakes. More sunbathing and swimming. Chuck's "Dancing With The Stars" moment. Indian food for lunch. Naptime. Tanduay gig. Walking into a pole. Upside Down playing on a big screen. Carla almost leaving her BPI card in the sand. Good times backstage. Chuck's suspenders. Last hours. Our holy seatmate. Pretending to sleep cos of the "pasaway" holy seatmate. Taking our time getting on & off the plane and collecting our baggage. Back to reality.

And when I was closing the door of the hotel room when we were leaving, I turned for a last look and almost couldn't move my feet. I didn't want to go. At all.

There were soooo many pictures taken, and they are on my Multiply and Carla's...but those are for contacts only & such, so the pics in this entry are only a select few.

Oh, Bora. I fell in love with you. We shall be back...that is a definite. We're already planning our next trip. Woohoo! :D

Monday, April 09, 2007

55th - Summer Getaway!

I am off to Boracay tomorrow. COMMENCE FUN IN THE SUN!