Wednesday, August 29, 2007

77th - CSI Geek Alert

Watching the episode where Speedle dies still breaks my heart into tiny little pieces. :(

Rory Cochrane/Tim Speedle, I love.

Oh, and..


Monday, August 27, 2007

76th - Because Joko & Carla Said I Abandoned Blogspot..

So, apparently, I'm supposed to update this thing. Whowouldathunkit.

Since my last post, I have...turned 19, done fashion shows, taken lots of photos, read a lot, edited a lot, gone out a few times, done unspeakable acts that felt good, learned to drive, dyed my hair, developed an unhealthy obssession with staring at pictures of clothes, and decided that I will learn to make my own clothes, turned my heart into stone for the most part of the days that I go through, etc etc.

I don't like being 19.

And now I have midterms coming up and a lot of proposals to write, and stuff to organize! Yay! School stuff! Excuse the stupid fake enthusiasm. It's needed. Trust me.

Body clock is completely screwed up. I stay up all night, then go to sleep at around 6am. Or later than 6am. Today being a fantastic example, as it is almost 7am and I'm not even remotely sleepy yet. Man. It was so much easier to sleep back in high school.'s hard to fall asleep, and then when you do, it's even harder to wake up.

I think someone wants to be me. That someone is kinda pathetic (and kinda ugly) and amusing in the really sad way. Kudos for being a sneaky little fucker though. Nevertheless, she will never be me, no matter how hard she tries. Zing!

I want some frickin' Indian food. Now na! And to watch The Black Dahlia because the make-up and the hair and the clothes are all major, major LOVE. Scarlett J. is gorrrrrgeous..possibly moreso than Josh Hartnett, though he's pretty easy on the eyes too. Plus, that story is one of my favourite murder stories EVAH. I thank for my knowledge of notorious murder stories.