Friday, January 11, 2008

85th - HALLO!

So the "save up" part of my resolutions for 2008 isn't off to a fantabulous start. Actually, it's off to an astoundingly BAD start. Darn it. MUST PUT IN MORE EFFORT INTO SAVING!

Went to Tagaytay earlier with Joko. Food, pictures and chika. Loves it. Diets cease to exist when you are with good friends, I swear. And what's a Tagaytay trip without stopping by Starbucks to harass our favourite barista, Uly? (But, Carla & Joko, dapat favourite barista nyo na rin ako!) Laughtrip with Uly over the "barista smile"! Such a shame that CB couldn't come along. She's at home with the sickies. GET WELL SOON, CARLA! WE HEART YOU HEAPS! Lesbos. Harharharhar.

Work is still a-ok, have decided not to waste my time with certain possibly problematic situations and am currently learning how to not have my blood boil whenever I encounter a stupid customer. There was one the other night that made one of the stupidest comments I've ever heard: "This doesn't smell like coffee." And it was regarding his tall Americano. That thing is made up of 2 shots of espresso and water. What the fuck. Then he changes his story and says that it doesn't taste like coffee, but his drink was still full to the brim and didn't look like it had been sipped at all, so how the hell could he have known what it tasted like? Anyways, he got his drink re-made in the exact same way I made it, and then he was like, "Okay, this is great." STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID! But other than random precious gems like that moron, things are still dandy.

I met someone. :) Let's see where it goes, yes?

I need to sleep! Going to watch the National Treasure sequel with Gracie tomorrow! Este later pala.


At January 15, 2008 at 10:10 PM, Blogger Katie said...

national treasure sequel is awesome! i loved it! nicolas cage cracked me up with the whole british accent and "i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" chorvaness! angie and i couldnt stop cracking up at that.


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