Monday, March 26, 2007

54th - Life's Randomness

I love Marilyn Manson's remake of "This Is Halloween". Also love Fiona Apple's remake of "Sally's Song" and Fallout Boy's remake of "What's This?" And in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's all to do with the soundtrack for "The Nightmare Before Christmas". I looooove that movie. SO MUCH.

Anyhooooooodles...I am currently in Laguna. Been here since Saturday evening. I'm trying to clear my head and all. So far, it's working. Things feel better....slightly. They would be loads better if I could just forget how depressed I was just a few days ago. But I'm telling myself to stop dwelling over it. Shit happens. Life can suck majorly. I just have to keep on moving. Right? Right.

I'm falling in love with Silverchair songs all over again. I've been listening to "Neon Ballroom" over and over since last night. "Paint Pastel Princess" is still my favourite track off the album (although "Steam Will Rise" is a close second). "It's only self-rejection, with a mean left; cold carbon copied coping, and it's mean theft that's been left behind."

I've made peace with someone, and it turns out that we have LOADS more in common than him. We had a long chat yesterday and it was great fun. I felt like we were on the same wavelength about everything. I won't say who she is, for now, but she knows who she is. :)

I feel like I've seen everyone except for the person I really want to see. And that kinda sucks. Sana makita ko siya sometime soon, yes?

I'm doing the whole Adsense thing now, since Carla was making kulit to me to sign up for it. So you guys know what to do, right? Clickity click away!

Ratsky Morato the other night with my lovelies was loads of fun. Yay for finally meeting Wency Cornejo and getting a picture with him! And the morroccan chai tea thingymajig in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is super yummy. Just had to throw that little tidbit in. Overpriced nga lang. Hahahahaha.

16 days until we go to Boracay!

Anyhoodles, a few pics from Ratsky before I go.

Look Ma, I'm made of wax.

My favourite picture of us!

With Wency Cornejo.

Really, we love Carla's boobs.

Camwhoring in Joko's car, on the way home. Harharhar!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

53rd - You Losers

So I've therefore concluded that people are really lame. Well, a LOT of people are really lame (because there are a select few that are totally awesome).

I'm still the ones that psychotics want to fight with over/because of/in relation to a certain someone, even after all the time that has passed. Even if our thing is over. Even after I've already moved on.

I kicked someone out of my life, and to be harshly honest, I'm glad I did.

A lot of people seem to be bothered by me being friends with another certain someone, and hanging out with that person. Some people think it's okay to stalk/obssess over my life, which isn't really all that interesting to stalk/obssess over. Some people think it's okay to get in the way of things, to get in MY way, to get in between me and the people in my life who matter. And all I can say is FUCK YOU. Go get your own life. Leave mine alone.

A lot of things aren't okay. But I'm keeping my head up. I'll just work to make them okay again.